Euton prompts discussion of mayor's salary

Cary Ashby • Dec 5, 2018 at 4:00 AM

Norwalk city council president Steve Euton wants council members to discuss the mayor’s compensation.

“It has been 12 years since council has looked into the mayor’s salary,” he said during Tuesday’s regular meeting.

Currently, the mayor will make $67,990 in 2019. Euton said any changes need to take effect Jan. 6 before petitions are filed Feb. 6 with the Huron County Board of Elections; otherwise they would have to wait until the next term. The salary starts at $63,000 a year.

“The mayor voluntarily gave up his raise for three years when the employees didn’t get a raise,” Euton said.

Fruen Street resident Scott Ford raised the issue during the public participation segment of Tuesday’s meeting. He said increasing the mayor’s salary is “fair and just thing to do” for the city’s “chief spokesman” and CEO.

In other action, Councilman Steve Schumm brought up the funding school crossing guards when council discussed the overall budget. It costs $20,000, which has been split evenly between the city and Norwalk City Schools.

City finance director Michelle Reeder said someone has agreed to donate $10,000 toward the city’s portion for 2019. Mayor Rob Duncan added “the donor agreed to cover two years” and the crossing guards are part of next year’s budget.

Also, the mayor announced three people were re-appointed to three city boards: Kris Doughty to the civil service commission, Ford to the board of zoning appeals and Chuck Fritz to the planning and zoning board.

“They graciously agreed to serve another term,” Duncan said.

In addition, the mayor informed council that The Salvation Army will use the mattresses from the original fire station and is “ecstatic about it.”

Finally, two council members — Jordy Horowitz and Matt Doughty — voiced their support for longevity pay for certain city employees, which is part of the 2019 budget. The benefit, which started in the 1970s, is a bonus paid to workers based on the years they have worked.

“We owe them that benefit,” Horowitz said.

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