Norwalk Reflector: Council discusses various issues in work session

Council discusses various issues in work session

Cary Ashby • Jul 10, 2018 at 9:33 PM

Norwalk city council members discussed a number of issues during the work session Tuesday that will be on the agenda next week.

One piece of pending legislation is amending the zoning ordinances. Norwalk Law Director Stuart O’Hara said part of the proposed change would allow those residents who live within 300 feet of a zoning change to be notified of the meeting of the city board of zoning appeals since there are people who didn’t know about it and want to address their concerns.

Safety-service director Dan Wendt updated council on the $18,000 Ohio EPA grant that has been awarded to the city. The funds, which need to be spent by June 30, 2019, cover a public information campaign — including radio broadcasts and educational information published in the Reflector — and fogging chemicals.

Also, Wendt said residents will be able to pick up free, dissolvable mosquito dunk tablets from city hall that can be dropped into standing water so mosquitos won’t produce there.

“(The funds) may be used for both this mosquito season and early into next year’s season,” he told council earlier via a report.

At-large Councilman Steve Schumm served as president Tuesday since president Steve Euton was absent as were the respective alternates, Samantha Wilhelm and Deb Lucal. The work session started with a nearly five-minute executive session on pending but unspecified litigation; council took no action afterward.

Schumm requested an update on the Old State Road resurfacing-turned-reconstruction project. Norwalk Public Works Director Josh Snyder said the crew recently paved the top course and set up guardrails. Mayor Rob Duncan said the “road closed” signs will remain up until the seeding process is complete and Wendt added that police will ticket drivers who go through if their destination isn’t within the closed-off area.

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