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Contested races for commissioner and auditor in Huron County

• Feb 7, 2018 at 6:13 PM

The races are taking shape for this year’s elections.

The filing deadline for party candidates was 4 p.m. Wednesday.

For independent candidates, the filing deadline is 4 p.m. May 7 — the day before the primary election.

The general election takes place Nov. 6.

According to information provided by the Huron County Board of Elections, petitions to run for Huron County offices were filed by:

• Joe Hintz, Republican, county commissioner

• Melissa F. James, Democrat, county commissioner

• Tom Dunlap, Republican, county auditor

• Roland Tkach, Democrat, county auditor

• Jim Conway, Democrat, judge - common pleas division

* * *

Democrat Central Committee member- precinct

Charles H. Billiard, Bellevue 4

Dennis Stieber, Norwalk 1A

Scott R. Mercer, Norwalk 1B

Scott Ford, Norwalk 1C

Patricia A. Roth, Norwalk 2A

Davia S. Kasper, Norwalk 2B

Deborah J. Benson, Norwalk 2C

Angela Smith, Norwalk 3B

Russell V. Leffler, Norwalk 3C

Matthew Doughty, Norwalk 4A

Reese Wineman, Norwalk 4B

Susan S. Lesch, Norwalk 4C

Susan Dean, Willard 1

Hilda Buss, Willard 4

Jane A. Ott, Bronson Township 1

Karen I. Prelipp, Bronson Township 2

Kathleen M. Hicks, Clarksfield Township

Royce A. Ganz, Fitchville Township

Kathleen McNeal, Greenfield Township

Susan M. Poth, Greenwich Township

Keith A. Sexton, Greenwich Village

Roland J. Tkach, Harltand Township

Sharon E. Musser, Lyme Township

Roberta Mary Ulm, New London Township

Gary Wyckoff, New London Village 2

Janette A. Roberts, Norwalk Township North

Rose Austin, Norwalk Milan Township/Village

James F.  Ensign, Norwalk Township South

Ginger E. Packert, Ridgefield Township

Christina A. Raftery, Monroeville Village

Lee Martin, Ripley Township

Marie Elmlinger Shultz, Sherman Township

Timothy S. Adam, Wakeman Township

Marilyn J. Dillon, Wakeman Village

* * *

Republican Central Committee member  - precinct

David W. Freitag, Bellevue 4

Melissa A. Angst, Norwalk 1B

Jeffery D. Service, Norwalk 1C

Thomas E. Gerrity, Norwalk 2A

Joseph A. Smith, Norwalk 2B

Rob Duncan, Norwalk 2C

Roger W. George, Norwalk 3C

James Joel Sitterly, Norwalk 4B

Ross Matlack, Norwalk 4C

Valerie J. Benfer, Willard 2

Mary Ann Lamb, Bronson Township 1

John H. Colvin, Fairfield Township/Village

John Joe Merrilees, Fitchville Township

Richard A. Shock, Greenfield Township

Mark D. Cmar, Lyme Township

Russell Robison, New Haven Township

Brandon Schwinn, New London Township

Gary L. Cole, Norwalk Township North

Richard Stein, Norwalk Township South

Bruce Buurma, Richmond Township

John H. Schick, Ridgefield Township

Joyce M. Houck, Sherman Township

Peter C. Hazel, Townsend Township

Nathan R. Murdock, Wakeman Township

Beverly L. Stober, Wakeman Village

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