Milan Avenue work nearing completion

Cary Ashby • Sep 28, 2017 at 11:00 AM

Utility work on Milan Avenue should be wrapped up today or Friday.

Frontier workers were pulling cable through the conduit as of early Tuesday.

“They have been on-site over a week,” Norwalk Public Works Director Josh Snyder said. “They were supposed to be done Thursday or Friday this week.”

The work is being done on an 83-foot stretch of Milan Avenue north of the St. Paul parking lot. Snyder said that is the equivalent of four car lengths and it is too long to keep that part of the road open to through traffic.

From St. Mary’s to Marshall streets on Milan Avenue is closed to through traffic since only one lane of road exists.

“Everything north of that is done,” Snyder said.

The utility work is part of the $1.2 million Milan Avenue improvement project. In January, before any work started, Snyder referred to it as an “extreme makeover” for Milan Avenue.

“Otherwise it is done,” the city engineer said Wednesday. “It’s one lane north of the St. Paul parking lot. Other than that, the road is totally done. It’s open to local traffic.”

Part of the massive project was adding a pedestrian walkway from the parking lot to Norwalk Catholic/St. Paul High schools, improving the Marshall Street accessibility and adding a pull-off space for NCS and St. Paul buses.

That work was completed in time for the start of school.

The project is progressing earlier than the anticipated schedule.

“They are still ahead of the completion date,” Snyder said.

One of the last touches is adding mast arm poles for the traffic lights at the intersections of League Street and Milan Avenue and Main Street and Milan.

“That will be the last component of the project that people will see,” Snyder said.

The engineer is satisfied with the progress and the hard work of the contractors and subcontractors.

“I am pleased with the contractors and the way they’ve done work,” said Snyder, noting the crews have worked four 10-hour days. “I can’t complain about the scheduling with the contractors.”

Also, the public works director noted that subtractors did a lot of work done on the weekends — curbs, sidewalks and roadway paving. He said he has heard some complaints from local residents, but he attributes that to the length of the overall project.

“Every utility was moved,” Snyder said, referring to gas, water, electricity and communications work. “The water lines were moved (too).”

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