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Sen. Portman visits Sandusky as part of national defense tour

By Norwalk Reflector Staff • Updated Aug 30, 2017 at 12:57 PM

SANDUSKY — U.S. Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) on Tuesday visited Plum Brook Station, a remote test facility for the NASA Glenn Research Center in Sandusky.

Portman, who fought successfully to secure full funding for the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, last visited the Plum Brook Station in July of 2016. This was his fifth visit on his five-day military facility tour.

“Plum Brook houses world-class test facilities here in Sandusky, where they conduct critical and innovative ground tests for the international space community,” Portman said. “Glenn Research Center and Plum Brook Station have an economic impact of more than $1.1 billion in Northeast Ohio, and the work they are doing is crucial to NASA’s larger mission. Plum Brook provides the most advanced testing in the world for future space exploration and partners with the European Space Agency to develop rockets for long range space exploration.

“I will continue to fight, as I have successfully in the past, to ensure these vital programs receive the full funding they need to carry out their mission,” Portman added.

Portman sent a letter last year to the Senate appropriations committee in support of full funding for the NASA Glenn Research Center in Fiscal Year 2017. This request for full funding followed concerns that funding for Glenn would be jeopardized in futures budgets.

The year before, when Glenn Research Center was facing cuts that would have potentially eliminated their Solar Electric Propulsion (SEP) program, Portman fought to increase the overall Space Tech budget and decrease the set aside for the Satellite Servicing program at NASA Goddard in Maryland, resulting in an increase in overall funds available to NASA Glenn, securing the SEP program.

Portman’s effort to secure full funding for NASA Glenn in Cleveland was successful, as Congress appropriated full funding in the FY 2017 bipartisan funding agreement in April.

Portman said he is a supporter and advocate for Ohio’s military facilities and research institutions. These assets provide significant jobs and economic impact across Ohio and directly influence the national security of our country. Forty-three of Ohio’s 88 counties are impacted by these facilities. Ohio Defense spending accounted for more than 66,000 direct jobs, more than $4 billion in salaries, and more than a $14 billion economic impact.

This visit is part of Portman’s national defense tour across Ohio, where he will cover more than 1,400 miles, visiting 13 counties in five days. 

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