Dog warden requests $2 increase for tags

Cary Ashby • Aug 17, 2017 at 3:00 PM

Huron County Dog Warden Gary Ousley enjoys interacting with the public and letting residents know what his office does.

Ousel said he encourages the deputy dog wardens to make those type of interactions a priority. The crew was at the Huron County Fair on Monday night.

“I try to get out and talk to people. I want to do more of that,” said Ousley, who believes it’s important “to be out in the public’s eye.”

The dog warden provided his quarterly report to the Huron County commissioners Tuesday.

So far this year, the agency brought in 217 dogs and 83 of those were claimed by their owners. Ousley said the amount of dogs being brought in is lower than usual. 

As of Tuesday, there were 11 dogs in the pound. Ousley said he could remember years when they were as many as 23 dogs there.

Also in 2017 so far, 10 dogs have been euthanized. Ousley said eight were done at the respective owner’s requests and two were humanely killed due to aggression.

“The goal is to get them out of there without euthanizing,” he told the commissioners. “I think our (overall) numbers are showing we are doing pretty good out there.”

So far this year, the dog warden’s office has sold 10,822 dog tags.

“I shoot for 12,000,” said Ousley, who estimated his office sold about 11,700 tags in 2016.

“I think we need to increase the tags to $18 instead of $16,” Ousley told the commissioners Tuesday. “Erie County is $20.”

The last time the county raised the price of dog tags was three or four years ago. Ousley said there will be complaints about the increase, but he would rather see a $2 price-hike rather than a 20-percent increase to $20. The commissioners agreed with the dog warden that the price of Huron County’s dog tags are lower than those in nearby counties.

The Ohio Revised Code allows for an increase in increments of $2. 

The commissioners scheduled a resolution for next week to increase the price of dog tags to $18.

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