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Norwalk woman’s stove explodes, starting a grease fire

By COURTNEY BROWN • Updated Jul 12, 2017 at 9:34 AM

Christina Downey was out shopping for a new florescent lightbulb for her apartment’s kitchen Sunday evening, but when she returned home she suddenly found out she didn’t have a kitchen anymore. 

“The stove exploded,” Downey said, explaining the fire at 19 Grand Avenue, 15. Her mother had been cooking dinner when the stove started a grease fire, getting out of control.

There were about $50,000 in property damages, and about $35,000 in content damages, according to the Norwalk Fire report. The family didn’t have renter’s insurance to help with the damages.

When the Norwalk Fire Department got to the apartment at 5:41 p.m., it took them about a half hour to extinguish the fire, according to the report.

“That (apartment) isn’t livable right now,” one of Downey’s neighbors, Terry Griffith, said. “The ceilings were tore out from the kitchen to the living room.”

Downey’s church also rented them a moving van to help them out, he added. 

The family was outside on the lawn Tuesday afternoon, packing everything they could and moving some of their belongings into their vehicles. They already have a set place to stay for a while.

Willard is set to be their temporary home for now. “We’re going to be staying with friends and family,” Downey said. It’s not going to be permanent, however. They plan to be back in Norwalk soon.

“They start repairs on Monday. It’ll take about two to three months,” she said. When the apartment is new and improved, moving back in is “the plan,” she added.

“The attack crew did a wonderful job putting it out right away,” Capt. Brett Beers said. The captain would like to remind renters that having renter’s insurance is important, because they have a lot of fires where people don’t have it.

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