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Church members step up to help others

By JOE CENTERS • Jun 14, 2018 at 10:00 PM

Forget about the politics. This is about people.

“Oh goodness, I am so proud of our Chapel Norwalk campus,” Pastor Charles Conrad said Thursday afternoon.

Conrad stood in a room at The Chapel filled with items donated to families affected by last week’s raid at the Corso’s Flower & Garden Center locations in Sandusky and Castalia.

More than 100 Corso’s workers were arrested by agents with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Border Patrol agencies. Many now are separated from their families.

“We specifically asked our campus last weekend to really just set aside all their political differences — no matter what side you fall on ... and just simply love people,” Conrad said.  “We have so many of them (Hisanics) now in Norwalk and Willard. Regardless of your opinion help love in Norwalk.”

Conrad said it’s not about politics; it’s about the right thing to do. 

“I know there are people who attend our church who are on different sides of the fence politically. To be able to say with the love of Christ this is one time we get to rise above those difference — that is priceless. 

“In a country now that is so divided politically to be able to come together and function as the church and lay those dfifferences aside, that was very impactful to me personally,” the pastor said.

“I would say at this point looking into the room we’ve got a good couple of truckloads. Tomorrow (today) I am going to be dropping this off to Pastor Gonzalez at Templo Genesaret (on North Pleasant Street in Norwalk). There are other churches bringing stuff to them. He really has an in with that community. We just want to jump on that and help support him and his efforts. 

“All that I know when there are people in our community struggling to be able to step up as a church and love them as Jesus would love them that’s a win for us. It’s pretty cool. All day long the door has been opening and people are bringing stuff in. Real touching to see people care for others, no doubt about it.”

Many of the families affected by the raids live in Huron County. The raids took place at Corso’s locations on Milan Road (U.S. 250) in Perkins Township and Bardshar Road in Castalia. Some workers could be deported to Mexico; others could be detained to face charges of identity theft, impersonation of a U.S. person and tax evasion.

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