'It's a God thing'

Zoe Greszler • Jul 16, 2016 at 10:00 AM

Pastor Paul Lamb said he believes the help his church has seen is s direct answer from God.

The First Baptist church, located on Main Street, owns the building next door known as The Haven, a roller skating rink where area youth can hang out after school and for special events. Lamb said The Haven has helped countless individuals. 

The roof of the building, though, has seen better days. 

“Our roof was leaking,” Lamb said. “It had some spots that were really bad.” 

The pastor said he and other church leaders were concerned water would damage the skating rink floor, rendering the big attraction unusable. They also were concerned about the roof replacement cost.

“The total project was about $31,000,” Lamb said. “That’s a lot of money. So we asked the community for help and we’ve gotten almost the entire amount. They’ve shown such a generous spirit. We really appreciate all that people have done and all that they have given so far.”

Over the past two months, the First Baptist church has hosted several fundraisers and only come up to be $2,000 short — a great accomplishment in such a short period of time. 

“There’s just been an outpouring. The church as done really well up to this point. We’re so close; we’re only a hair short of the amount we need,” Lamb said.

“We just went ahead with the project and got connected with Tusing to do the project. We’re confident we’ll get the last $2,000. We’re going to hold another fundraiser to try to get that last bit.”

Lamb believes it to have been “a God thing.”

“It’s been almost exactly what we need,” he said. 

“It’s one of those God things. We definitely think that God has stepped in and God has provided us what we need when we needed it. We’ve been in the community for 31 years serving this area. The businesses and individuals have such generosity and have supported us so well. We’re really pleased with the response the church has received.”

Lamb said this is in a large part due to the impact the building has had on the community. 

“On average, we have 150 to 250 kids each week that we’re ministering to there (at the Haven),” he said. “It’s made an impact on the community. And it gives the kids a safe place to go. They know that they can come to the Haven to hang out, skate, visit with friends, play Foosball or to get counsel if they need help or counseled on something, or to do their homework. It’s a good place for them to go.

“We’ve even had reunions there because people remember going and hanging out at the Haven as a kid,” Lamb added. “And we try to minister to them while they’re there. We read Bible stories and I try to share a devotion with them every time.”

The Haven is open to the community. The First Baptists Church plans to continue programs at the center throughout the summer.

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