Fair features large variety of food options

Madeline Roche • Updated Aug 15, 2017 at 10:04 PM

More than 65 vendors are feeding folks at the Huron County Fair this year.

Interesting options include fried Oreos, Texas tenderloin and Wisconsin cheese curds.

Walking tacos, apple dumplings, gyros, fried candy, tacos, ice cream and pizza are just some of the themes for food vendors occupying spots at the fair this year.

Some local vendors include Granges and Berardi's.

Granges has been serving the public at the fair for decades. 

The Grange is a fraternal organization that encourages families to unite in promoting economic and political well-being of the community and agriculture. Members of local chapters — Wakeman and New London — work together at the faith booth, which is their biggest fundraiser. Other groups, including the Western Reserve cheerleaders, partner with them.

Laura Landis, who has been a Grange member for more than 20 years, said her favorite part of volunteering at the fair is "talking to all of the people."

Landis said the most popular food item from their stand is cheeseburgers.

Tom Sterling, from Norwalk, has been working at the Berardi's fair booth for about 20 years. He said he enjoys "people watching."

The Berardi's booth offers Philly steak and French fries, both of which seem to be popular, he said.

An especially popular stand this year is Reedtown, which has an adjacent shaded spot with tables for dining or rest.

Norwalk resident Travis Mead purchased his dinner from Reedtown on Monday evening.

“It smells good and the prices weren’t that bad,” Mead said, adding that his fair food favorite is cheese curds.

Another busy vendor is the Wonder Wagon. 

Doug Nottke has been running this food stand for the past 17 years. Previously he was in the restaurant business for about 40 years.

Nottke said his steak-burgers are usually his most popular item and that this was again the case at opening day of Huron County’s fair. 

Nottke said he expects business this year to be “fine and dandy.” Last week he was at the Erie County Fair, which went well, he said. 

A Texas tenderloin and walking taco truck also is selling food at the fair. An en employee, Malcolm Brooks, said everyone says his booth has the best walking tacos. He added that his favorite part of working at the fair is getting his paycheck. 

Patrons have different fair food favorites.

Harlee Genovesi, who enjoys seeing the animals at the fair and hanging out with friends, likes lemonade best. Her friend, Hattie Kramer, agreed.

Two other friends they were walking around with on Monday had different favorites. Carley Nickoli enjoys the funnel cakes while Mikaylah Conik favors cheese-on-a-stick. 

Darian Brooks, who visits the fair every year, said her favorite food vendor is Lerch’s Donuts because “they have really good donuts.”

For those who live or work in the Norwalk area, free lunch passes are available.

For the $8 admission, patrons can receive a 30-minute pass. The time will be written on each ticket, allowing the ticket-holder 30 minutes to purchase food. If they return to the ticket window within the 30 minutes, their money will be refunded. The admission is forfeited if the ticket is returned after the 30-minute window.

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