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Fair board president 'confident' in ride safety at Huron County Fair

By KARLEE STEFFANNI • Aug 9, 2017 at 1:00 PM

Ride safety has become a national concern following the fatal accident that occurred last month at the Ohio State Fair.

The Huron County Fair, which is scheduled to take place next week, will feature rides operated by Bates Amusement Inc. 

Bob Morgan, president of the Huron County Fair Board, said the fair has worked with Bates for more than 20 years. 

“I feel confident in our rides people. They’ve done a god job over the years,” Morgan said. 

According to an article written by the Delaware Gazette and printed in The Sunbury News, Bates Amusement Inc. inspects rides every week to ensure ride safety and prevent accidents.

The company’s office secretary Linda Bender, is quoted by the Delaware Gazette stating, “we haven’t had any accidents like that. There have only been minor ones.” 

Bates Amusement Inc. released a statement to the newspaper regarding its ride safety measures.

It stated, “In lieu of the amusement ride accident that occurred at the Ohio State Fair, our heartfelt sympathy and prayers are extended to all of those who have been involved in this tragic accident. As we are in the peak season of Ohio’s Premier County Fairs, Bates Amusement Inc. remains committed to ensuring the safety of its’ patrons at every event.”

The prepared statement continued, “All amusement rides are licensed and inspected by the State of Ohio’s Amusement Ride Safety Division prior to patron access. All amusement rides are subject to continuous re-inspections and operational inspections as supported by the current Ohio Laws. Ohio’s Amusement Ride Inspection Program is a role model in the United States and is managed with highly trained staff and skilled inspectors. … Bates Amusement Inc. maintains an in house daily inspection program with experienced and certified staff while rides are in service.”

Morgan said he was confident that the company will do whatever they can to prevent any accidents.

“They’re a reputable company,” he said. “They take care of their equipment. I’m sure after what happened they’ll be inspecting them even closer.”

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