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Monroeville robotics qualifies for state robotics competition

By Norwalk Reflector staff • Mar 8, 2019 at 11:00 AM

MONROEVILLE — The Monroeville robotics program has qualified three teams to the VEX IQ state tournament in its second year participating in VEX and its third year participating in competitive robotics.

The competition will take place Saturday at the Marion County Fairgrounds in Marion.

“Over the course of the last three years, our team has seen great success,” said Kyle Cory, one of the team’s coaches. “This year both of our fifth- and sixth-grade teams qualified for the state tournament, while one qualified for the world competition in Louisville. That same team finished third in a national competition at Kalahari and was a teamwork finalist.”

“The cornerstone of our program, the eighth-grade team, won three categories at a competition at Brookside Middle School and finished third in the Kalahari teamwork competition. Due to their success, they earned an invitation to the state tournament, as well.”

Another one of the team’s coaches, Mike Mandeville, added “with the state tournament coming up this weekend, our teams will have the opportunity to showcase their skills against the best teams in the state. We are very excited for this opportunity and are looking for great things from allthree of the teams that will compete. We have worked hard all year to put ourselves in this position and have expectations of doing great things while we are there.”

“The success of the robotics program has had a very positive impact on our students and school district in many ways,” Monroeville Local Schools Superintendent Ralph Moore said. “Most importantly, the success experienced through the robotics program has confirmed beyond any reasonable doubt that Monroeville students — when provided the opportunity — can successfully compete academically against any level of competition. Through robotics, Monroeville students have successfully competed against the academically elite not just in Ohio but throughout the nation and soon the world.”

Moore also addressed the impact robotics has made on the students as well as the district.

“Because of the success in qualifying for state, national and now world competitions our students have not only gained confidence but a sense of expectation to be successful when competing against the very best. The impact of this success will drive academic planning for the district in the years to come. The district has an obligation to create opportunities for our students to grow as well as encourage them to set lofty educational and career goals. The success of the Robotics program has clearly demonstrated our students will not only embrace the challenges associated with higher order thinking but they will thrive and grow in academically competitive environments when provided the opportunity.”

Adam Gerber who is the district’s technology director, talked about the program.

“Monroeville schools is fully intent on incorporating competitive robotics into the high school next school year with the support of NASA Plumbrook and Firelands Federal Credit Union. We wouldn’t have been able to provide the kids with the equipment they need to compete if it weren’t for these organizations. The community has been very supportive of the program and we are starting to see other local businesses and organizations show interest as well. This is extremely encouraging considering the level of interest we now have in robotics grade K-4 which could lead to future expansion and success.”

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