Treasurer receives 5-year contract

Cary Ashby • Feb 23, 2019 at 10:00 PM

Norwalk school board members support district treasurer Joyce Dupont’s new five-year contract.

Dupont, whose current salary is $96,473, will earn $98,750 for the 2019-20 school year. She will have a 3-percent increase each of the five years on a 240-day contract, according to the treasurer’s office.

Dupont’s new contract has 20 fewer work days per year, from 260 to 240. This year Dupont earns $371 per day. Next year that will jump to $411 per day.

Board president Lisa Wick said she believes Dupont is worth every penny.

“She deserves more than what she’s getting,” said Wick, who described Dupont as a workaholic who is passionate about her job. “Joyce loves her job — immensely — and she shows it. … She only wants what is best for the district.”

Dupont said she believes in “public education and the importance to our society for everyone to have the opportunity for a good education that develops critical thinking skills and instills a love of life-long learning.”

“As the chief financial officer for the largest school district in the area, responsible for a budget of over $33 million of public funds, 300-plus employees contracts, payroll and benefits, multiple buildings and public property, you are correct that it may not be appropriate for the school treasurer to be one of the lowest compensated certified administrators in the district,” the treasurer added.

“My responsibilities are not diminished under my new contract; the days are less so that the daily rate is more in line with the other administrators and certified staff. I am still required to fulfill the duties of my contract and Ohio Revised Code as it pertains to the requirements of a school treasurer, no matter how many days it may take. The school treasurer is by law the only employee in the district (who) can be held personally financially liable for other employees acts of fraud, theft, negligence or just honest mistakes. I am always willing to share more about school finance and my responsibilities as your school treasurer with you and the public,” she said.

The Norwalk City Schools board of education unanimously approved Dupont’s contract during the Feb. 12 meeting. After a nearly 20-minute executive session, there was no discussion during the voting.

Board member John Lendrum said he supports Dupont’s new contract. He called her “a key member of the administrative team, expertly managing a budget of over $23 million dollars and effectively controlling district costs.”

“I support Joyce’s contract. I think if you look at other treasurers in the immediate vicinity, she’s still in the midpoint of treasurer salaries, especially if you look at the daily rate for the number of days in the contract. She has done an excellent job in Norwalk; she’s a solid player,” Lendrum added.

In his nearly four years with the district, Superintendent George Fisk said he has “had the opportunity to work with three extremely experienced and knowledgeable treasurers.”

“Working together with an experienced treasurer like Joyce allows our administrative team to focus more of our energies on our educational program. The success we are experiencing from our classrooms to our extra-curriculars is due to our overall culture of teamwork. We are fortunate at NCSD to have the perfect storm of an amazing and dedicated staff paired with a hardworking student body,” he said.

Fisk’s 256-day contract for the current school year is worth nearly $134,258, according to the treasurer’s office. He will receive a 1.25-percent increase for the the 2019-20 and 2020-21 academic years.

Director of operations Corey Ream has a 240-day contract. According to the treasurer’s office, Ream will make almost $112,372 in the current school year. His contract calls for a 3.058-percent increase for the the 2019-20 school year and 3.034 for 2020-21. Also, Ream will receive “step increases” in 2021-22 of 1.49 percent, 1.47 in 2022-23, 1.45 in 2023-24 and 1.43 in 2024-25.

Between Fisk, Dupont and Ream, Wick said “I feel like we have the best team” of administrators in area school systems.

“The experience she (Dupont) brings and the ideas she brings to the Norwalk City school district (are) phenomenal,” board vice president Beth Schnellinger said.

“It’s all about a big-team effort,” she added, referring to the administrators, teachers, parents and students. “We are all working together to give our students the best education possible.” 

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