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Monroeville schools are moving forward

By Ralph Moore • Jan 25, 2019 at 2:00 PM

As Monroeville Local Schools move into 2019 we do so with an eye toward future goals but also with a sense of accomplishment as we reflect on the past.

Just a few years ago the district was faced with a funding emergency that precipitated a State Performance Audit of the district. The outcome of the audit recommended drastic cuts in staff along with district spending reduced to state minimum levels. At the same time the Ohio Department of Education assigned the district a Moderate D/F rating based on poor student academic performance.

As the district looks to 2019 and beyond it does so with the knowledge that it is financially sound having met the fiscal challenges of the recent past without reducing operations to a state minimum level. This was accomplished through improved budgeting and more efficient purchasing of goods and services.

Academically the district has earned Independent status due to improved academic performance by its students. The change is status has resulted in the removal of mandated constraints and oversight by the Ohio Department of Education. The district’s improved academic rating was made possible through hard work, focused professional development and a commitment to excellence by the teaching staff and administration.

Looking to the future the district must still solve the inadequate funding of permanent improvements as well as support future renewals of existing operating levies. Without positive support of the community on these issues the progress that has been made both financially and academically cannot be maintained.


This is one in a series of columns by local public officials and business leaders. We asked them the share their thoughts, along with the goals and challenges for 2019.

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