Norwalk Reflector: 'Very good start to the year'

'Very good start to the year'

Cary Ashby • Aug 23, 2018 at 11:00 PM

The first two days of school are getting the thumbs-up at Edison and South Central.

“It has been a very good start to the year,” Edison Local Schools Superintendent Tom Roth said Thursday. “It’s great to have all the kids here.”

Except for a few minor issues with bus transportation, he said everything has gone “pretty smooth.”

“The first couple days you run a little behind because you’re getting used to it,” Roth added.

South Central Local Schools Superintendent Ben Chaffee Jr. also gave a glowing report for the start of school.

“Both of our opening days were awesome. Our students were excited and energized to be here,” he said. “Lots of smiles and lots of happy.”

The superintendents toured their buildings Wednesday and Thursday.

Chaffee said he was pleased to see all the students and teachers engaged.

South Central and Edison both have some new elements in place this year.

The science wing of the Edison High School was gutted starting the day after graduation. The remodeled area is now in the middle of final touch-ups and was ready for students on the first day.

“There was some excitement around (the school) about that,” Roth said.

“We went from five rooms to four rooms,” he explained. “In the past they shared one lab. Now they have lab space with each class.”

There is a new traffic pattern at the South Central building which houses kindergarten through eighth grade.

“The bus drop-off (area) swapped with the rider drop-off,” said Chaffee, who noted the new configuration only caused “a few hiccups” Wednesday and Thursday. “I appreciate everybody’s patience with this process in the interest of the safety of our children.” 

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