Norwalk Reflector: Bellevue High School graduates 167

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Bellevue High School graduates 167

By Tandem Media Network • Updated Jun 3, 2018 at 8:53 PM

BELLEVUE — Before they set off for the next stage of their lives, Bellevue High School’s Class of 2018 gathered for one last time at the football stadium.

To achieve the futures they want, they will need to be willing to fight for it, even when they face set-backs and failures, class president Michael Pierce said.

Bellevue High School principal Nate Artino, a Bellevue alumni himself, echoed Pierce’s ideas on not giving up no matter what obstacles the graduates may face.

“I want you to keep in mind the idea of failing forward,” Artino told the graduates. “Mistakes really do pave the path to achievement.”

But Pierce believes if his fellow classmates believe in themselves, they can achieve the future for which they’re all striving.

“Believing in yourself is a key feature to being great,” Pierce said in the speech he gave at commencement.

“Whatever any one of you … have ever fought for, stuck up for, or worked for, you know never came easy, as it won’t ever be, and as it shouldn’t be,” Pierce said. “Believe me when I say that the words, ‘I am,’ will follow you. What you say you are, is what you will become.”

Pierce encouraged his classmate to stay true to themselves and to be willing to fight for their dreams, and used the struggles he faced with music as an example.

“When you tell yourself you are something, you will come to believe it. When the moment comes that you believe it, don’t be afraid if someone else doesn’t. As a musician, no matter what people said about me, it never phased me, because I believed I was great, and that I had the potential to pursue a future most would see impossible,” he said.

Here are some other facts about Bellevue’s graduating class of 2018:

• 143rd commencement

• Top 10 students academically: Chloe Brubaker, Justin Baxter, Bethany Branum, James Davis, Alexandria Scott, Ashley Light, Morgan Hicks, Kayla Strause, Marissa McClenathan, Kayla Reesman

• 167 graduates

• 72 percent going to college

• 20 percent entering the workforce

•  8 percent enlisting in the military

• $172,000 accepted in scholarship money

• Class officers: Michael Pierce, president; Wyanna Schalk, vice president; Kaylia Reesman, secretary; and Morgan Hicks, treasurer.

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