Dads seeing 'big, big improvement' in preschool children

Cary Ashby • Updated May 24, 2018 at 2:15 PM

WILLARD — It was the first time for some fathers to see their children in action at the Willard preschool program.

Dan Brown hadn’t been to the building that houses the elementary, junior high and high schools before Tuesday. However, he had been to “the library fun day” for preschoolers in March at the Willard Memorial Library.

“That was fun. I’m amazed at all the cool things they have at the library,” said Brown, whose 3-year-old daughter, Amelia, is in Renee White’s class. 

Brown has witnessed Amelia become more independent since being in preschool.

“She’s doing more things by herself. She’s more verbal,” he said.

The last time Jordan Osborne was in White’s classroom was during orientation in August or September. His 4-year-old daughter Rylee has learned her alphabet and improved her writing skills since then.

“She loves books. She’s starting to want to do math and stuff,” her father said. “She’s gotten really good at writing.”

Fifth-grade students such as Candice Smith are often in the preschool classrooms. On Tuesday, she was reading a book and helping students with painting their cars for a craft activity.

“The kids are fun to play with. Whatever they want to play, I’ll play with them,” Smith said. “Sometimes I help the teachers when they need it.”

Another father, Joshua Deskins, said he tries to come to his daughter’s classroom “when there’s something special.” As with many working dads, it all depends on his work schedule.

“I always try to find time to do it,” said Deskins, who has seen “a big, big improvement” in his daughter Kerrington since she has been in preschool.

Dad and daughter made and decorated a memory box at the beginning of the school year.

Deskins said his 5-year-old daughter has been learning her alphabet and more words plus improved her vocabulary, writing and the way she colors.

“She comes home and tells me what she’s learning,” he added.

The fathers and grandfathers of preschool students were invited to their children’s classrooms Tuesday to enjoy snack and work on a craft. Afterward, they also did some reading and worked on puzzles.

Osborne’s daughter was “super excited” he was coming to school.

“That made my week,” he said.

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