Students learn about trees during Earth Day assembly

Cary Ashby • Updated Apr 29, 2018 at 6:00 PM

Piper Marion has about six trees in her yard.

Now that she was given a young red bud during the Earth Day assembly Monday, she and her family soon will have seven trees.

“I learned that trees give us fresh air,” said Marion, the daughter of Derek and Megan. “I also learned that trees make stuff pretty.”

Several of her classmates, second-graders from Laura Oeder’s class, shared some of the interesting facts they learned during the assembly.

The red buds will grow to be about 30 feet tall in two to three years. The students were told to plant them six to seven feet away from other objects.

Hunter Gregory said the young trees need to be protected with a small barrier or fence to keep deer, rabbits and rats away until they are about eight feet tall.

“When they’re tall enough, they can’t reach it,” added the son of Adam Gregory and Ashley Ingersoll.

Zander Shober, the son of Ty and Nickole, said his family probably will plant the new tree near their garage. 

“I have two (trees) up front, three at the back plus the small one,” he said.

The bottom of the red bud tree will grow as wide as 20 inches.

Ethan Dresser was fascinated to hear about sausage trees, which grow in South Africa. The son of Brandon Dresser, Kyr Jenkins and Natalie Dresser hadn’t heard of them until Monday’s assembly, but he said he learned that bats enjoy eating their flowers. 

“The flowers bloom at night,” he added.

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