M'ville schools returning to the ballot

Zoe Greszler • Updated Mar 20, 2018 at 8:17 PM

MONROEVILLE — The Monroeville Local Schools district is trying again.

After a failed attempt to renew a levy in November, the replacement levy will return to the ballot in a couple months.

The 1.8-mill, five-year levy has the purpose of “adding to, renovating, furnishing and equipping buildings and other equipment, including buses and improving school sites.”

It lost at the ballot 548 against the tax to 487 for it. But it’ll be back to the voters for the May election.

Superintendent Ralph Moore earlier said the school board hadn’t discussed a what-if plan, being “very optimistic” of its passage, however, he added though that he believes 60 votes to be “very close.” Moore tallied the loss up to lack of communication. He’s not about to let that be the case this spring.

“It will be the same,” Moore said. “We’re going to make sure people understand. We have a website discussing the issue. The OSBA, that’s the Ohio School Board Association is writing us a letter of support. We’re going to hold an information meeting open that will be open to the public. We have to take one last look at things to get the exact date, but it will be in the second week in April.”

With the bond refunding, the cost to $100,000 property owner will be about $6. 

This tax comes as the school has expanded in the last 50 years, growing from 83,935 square feet to 151,028.

Moore urged the commnity to remember the current levy expires this year and the new levy would not be payable until 2020. The school’s informational slide show shows the replacement levy would generate about $192,000.

The list of district needs though, far exceeds this.

According to the slide show, future permanent improvement needs include a $170,000 waterline replacement, two school bus replacements totaling about $196,000, a $41,000 bus garage roof replacement, $64,000 outdated heat controls replacement for efficiency, $28,000 mowing and snow removal equipment replacement, another $3,000 to reinstall signage for the high school and MAC and a $170,000 restroom renovation. The school also will need funds for the annual masonry repairs, to update the safety and security of the building as needed (this includes the fences, cameras, etc.) and to update the curriculum as needed. 

“The information is the same and it’s a fairly simple issue,” Moore said.

“It’s an issue that was passed at 1.8 mills in 1973. The money we’re getting is based on the property values in 1973. ... We’ve collected same amount of money for 45 years and we simply want to collect the property taxes on the current property tax values. It’s not a new levy in any way, shape or form. It is just a replacement.”

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