2nd graders learn how to ID, handle bullying

Cary Ashby • Feb 8, 2017 at 1:00 PM

When dealing with a bully, be “SAFE.”

Students at Pleasant Elementary learned about the four strategies for handling bullies Monday, thanks to students from the EHOVE Career Center teachers academy and Teen Leadership Corps. 

SAFE stands for: Say what you feel, ask for help, find a friend and exit the area.

“I think bullying is bothering people and being mean,” second-grader Kalyn Kohlenberg said.

She hadn’t heard of the SAFE concept before, but said she thinks the strategy of getting away from a bully would be helpful. 

After the second-graders in Olivia Gamble’s class learned the acronym, pairs of the EHOVE students led a discussion with the younger children. They read scenarios and asked the children which ones qualified as bullying.

“If it happens every day, that’s bullying,” Monroeville High School senior Jaely Camp told her group of students. 

The Pleasant students also brainstormed a list of “put-ups” and “put-downs.” Kohlenberg said an example of a “put-up” is telling someone she’s pretty.

Charla McAbier, of the EHOVE teacher academy, was impressed with the students’ feedback. She told them they will be leaders in the school on how to handle bullies.

The EHOVE students distributed bullying survival kits, with each item being symbolic. The Hershey’s Kisses represent being sweet, soldiers symbolize being strong and a Band-Aid for protection.

Norwalk High School senior Dylan Griffitts said sharing these kind of lessons with younger children is important because it helps them with situations they might face later in their lives.

“They seem to know what bullying is and how it harms others,” he said. “Bullying can happen once or it can happen multiple times.”

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