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Roast & Toast

• Jul 3, 2017 at 2:56 PM

A reader wants to roast the eyesore (old Van Dresser building) in town. “Why is it allowed to exist?” the reader asked. “Broken glass everywhere, flooded docks filled with stagnant water, expired registrations on abandoned vehicles, trash strewn about and empty chemical totes stacked up all over the place. At the very least this should be considered a health hazard.

Toast another great Norwalk Lions Club Fourth of July Parade. All of the Lions do such a great job organizing the event and the participation this year was better than ever as Norwalk celebrates its 200th birthday. And toast everybody involved in the Norwalk Bicentennial Committee for all of the work they have done organizing special events all year long.

Toast Ohio Secretary of State John Husted who on Friday publicly stated his office will not comply with a request from Presidential Advisory Committee on Election Integrity to turn over to it a detailed list of every registered Ohio voter with information including Social Security numbers, party affiliation, date of birth, address and voting history. There is no fathomable non-nefarious reason for the commission to request this information on private Ohio citizens and looks more like some first step toward a vote suppression action. Husted should be applauded for standing up for Ohioans' privacy and voting rights.

Toast the annual garden tour set for Saturday. Everybody involved work so hard to get their gardens looking their best. It’s such a treat looking at all of the wonderful flowers and gardens and it’s a chance to steal an idea or two for your own yard.

Toast this year’s Relay for Life, stated for July 15 at Whitney Field. The event, now in its 16th year, has raised more than $1 million and that money stays here to help out those with cancer and their families.

Toast the week-long Chautauqua visit to Milan. The square in Milan is a perfect setting for the event and it was a worthwhile effort by everybody involved.

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