Huron County grand jury indicts 9

Cary Ashby • Updated Jan 29, 2019 at 9:40 AM

A suspected arson and a pair of men accused of stealing electric guitars during a break-in were among the nine defendants indicted by a Huron County grand jury.

Matthew L. Fisher, 39, most recently of 15 S. Old State Road, Apt. E, was charged Friday with four counts of aggravated arson and three charges of attempt to commit an offense, all in connection with a Jan. 16 incident. The first-degree felonies are punishable by three to 11 years in prison.

Fisher was arrested after a short investigation by the Norwalk Police Department detective bureau.

“He was located at the Hy-Miler. It’s adjacent to the entrance to the Whitefield subdivision, where Old Orchard Loop is located,” Detective Sgt. Seth Fry said earlier. “He requested to speak to an attorney.”

There were two fires at 28 Old Orchard Loop, which were reported at 6:24 a.m. Jan. 16. Five Norwalk firefighters in three trucks responded and had the blazes — in the mud room and bathroom — under control within 21 minutes after they arrived. According to the report, “a fire was purposely set by one of the occupants,” which resulted in $10,000 worth of property damage and another $5,000 to the contents.

“Fire crews reported smoldering fires in two separate locations of the structure. Fire crews also noticed a pour pattern from an accelerant connecting the two fires. While inside, the fire in the mud room reignited and was quickly extinguished by fire personnel,” Capt. Rick Perry wrote in his report.

Detectives and state fire marshal’s investigators obtained undisclosed evidence upon obtaining a warrant. Perry has said state authorities confirmed there was an accelerant.

In a separate indictment, two men face felonies in connection with a Dec. 20 incident.

Shiloh resident John T. Ellis, 24, was charged with one count each of burglary, theft and receiving stolen property. Jeremy D. Robinson, 27, most recently of 1033 S. Myrtle Ave., Willard, was charged with two counts of complicity in the commission of an offense.

Ellis is accused of using a four-door Pontiac Grand Prix to commit the suspected crimes and, according to his indictment, he could be required to forfeit the car to the state if he’s convicted. According to Robinson’s indictment, he and Ellis reportedly “participated together in traveling to the victim’s home and taking electric guitars from inside the victim’s home.”

In other cases, the following defendants were indicted:

• Justin W. Davis, 32, most recently of 115 1/2 Spring St., Willard, on one count each of breaking and entering, safecracking and petty theft, all in connection with a Nov. 26 incident at VFW Post 3430 in Willard.

• Bryan K. Eastman Jr., 24, most recently of 52-B W. Washington St., on failure to provide his notice of change of address in connection with an Oct. 23 incident. Earlier convicted of unlawful sexual with a minor and sentenced to one year in prison, Eastman also previously was adjudicated or convicted of being “a delinquent child for a violation of probation” July 10, 2017 in Huron County Common Pleas Court, according to his indictment.

• Jonah M. Graf, 23, most recently of 538 Clark St., Willard, on theft and and misuse of credit cards, both in connection with an incident from Nov. 30 through Dec. 1. He also was charged with two counts of grand theft of a firearm stemming from an incident from Dec. 1 through 28.

• Scott A. Haynes, 33, most recently of 63 Williams Ave., on two counts of improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle, three charges of operating a vehicle while under the influence (OVI) and one count each of failure to stop after an accident and failure to stop after a non-public road accident. All seven counts are in connection with an Oct. 7 incident. According to a specification on one OVI charge, Haynes was convicted of a similar offense Jan. 26, 2011 through Hinesville Municipal Court in Liberty County, Ga. as well as on Nov. 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017 in Norwalk Municipal Court.

• Alexys D. Jones, 23, most recently of 57 Baker St., Apt. 22, on possession of heroin and possession of criminal tools, both in connection with a Nov. 28 incident. If convicted, the defendant could be required to forfeit an AWS scale to the state.

• David S. Sexton, 38, most recently of 27 Washington St., Willard, on one count each of possession of cocaine, aggravated possession of drugs, possessing drug abuse instruments and possession of drugs, all in connection with a Nov. 26 incident. One charge specifies that the defendant was convicted of, or pleaded guilty to “a drug abuse offense” on Feb. 17, 2004 in Norwalk Municipal Court.

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