Ex-Norwalk man faces 60 years in Wis. sex case

Cary Ashby • Updated Oct 28, 2016 at 11:04 PM

A former Norwalk man convicted of a sex crime recently in Wisconsin faces up to 60 years in prison.

After a day-and-a half long trial in an Eau Claire, Wis. circuit court, a jury found Troy J. Carroll, 44, guilty of child sexual assault, a first-degree felony.

“They came back in 20 minutes,” said Norwalk Police Detective Sgt. Jim Fulton, who testified in the case.

A 9 year-old-girl told police Carroll assaulted her in a Fall Creek home in August 2015. She said he told her not to tell anyone, according to WQOW.com.

“He (Carroll) has a small child with the mother of the victim from Wisconsin,” Fulton said.

A Fall Creek-area child advocate interviewed the victim.

Fulton took the stand for 20-25 minutes about a 2006 investigation he did about a sex crime involving Carroll and a then-14-year-old female relative. The detective said he testified so prosecutors could prove the defendant has a history of committing similar sex crimes.

The victim in the 2006 Norwalk case also testified in the Wisconsin case, which was investigated by the Fall Creek Police Department.

“He (Carroll) lived on Adams Street for years,” Fulton said, referring to the defendant’s local connections.

Fulton said Carroll was accused of raping a girl starting when she was 8 years old.

“That report was referred to us by a relative,” the detective said. “They arrested him, but didn't indict him.”

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