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Happy Pi Day, if you're part of the 66% that know what pi is

• Updated Mar 13, 2018 at 1:42 PM

One in five Americans have no idea what pi is. And no, not pizza pie, or the fruit filled kind. Mathmatical pi.

To conduct the NationalToday.com Pi Day Survey, the researchers at National Today — a website dedicated to quirky and fun holidays — asked 1,000 Americans about everyone’s favorite decimal, which will be celebrated Wednesday — National Pi Day, March 14 (3.14).

Pi, represented by the symbol π, is a “mathematical constant;” it never ends. Originally defined as the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, pi is now known for various equivalent definitions and is part of many advanced mathematical and physics formulas.

According to a NationalToday.com Pi Day survey of 1,000 Americans, there are some pretty surprising math statistics. 

About 19 percent of American need to repeat math courses.

When asked what pi is a measure of, only about 66 percent of Americans guessed correctly. Another 15 percent of Americans guessed incorrectly, while 19 percent admitted they have no idea what pi is.

But who doesn’t love to celebrate? More than half of Americans plan to celebrate the special day. The most popular way of celebrating Pi Day? Eating pi-themed food, of course.

The most popular answer was to eat pie or pi-themed food (43 percent). Others said:

No. 2: Post about it on social media (16 percent)

No. 3: Jog or walk 3.14 miles (15 percent)

The survey also reveled some interesting insights about pi. Here’s what some common statements from pi-enthusiasts made.

No. 1: I wish there were a pi emoji (15 percent)

No. 2: Albert Einstein is my hero (his birthday is on the same day as Pi Day) (12 percent)

No. 3: I’m a huge math nerd (11 percent)

No. 4: I’ve memorized more than 10 of the digits in pi (6 percent)

No. 5: I have a pi tattoo (2 percent)

National Today helps Americans celebrate fun holidays every day of the year.

To learn more about Pi Day, you can visit http://www.nationaltoday.com/us/national-pi-day. While there, you can also read about other holidays, including World Maths Day and S.T.E.M. – S.T.E.A.M. Day.

How do you plan to celebrate? 

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