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Tree trimmers rescue honeybees

By IVY KELLER • Dec 14, 2016 at 10:00 PM

A hive of honeybees might survive the winter thanks to three tree-trimmers working for the county.

“At work, Gregg Smith, Dale Moffit and myself were cutting trees down for the county,” said Steve Scheel.

Scheel, 12-year beekeeper and owner of Steve’s Bees, said that was when they saw honey bees going in and out of a tree they were cutting down.

They decided to proceed with caution.

“(We) cut the tree down for the most part to where we got to where the honeybees were, sealed both ends off and then took that piece and basically cut that open,” Scheel said.

The group took the hive from the tree using his equipment and transferred it to a box traditionally used to house bees during winter.

“I’ll try and overwinter them — should be able to overwinter them,” Scheel explained. “Rather than killing them with the tree and throwing them away, we’re just trying to save them. It looks like we should be able to.”

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