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Help keep wind machines out of here

• Mar 7, 2019 at 6:00 PM

NOTE: The following letter to the editor was submitted by Paula Fox of Norwalk:

Wind energy is not a farm, is not free and is not cheap.

Each turbine will have a “danger zone” around it that could impact your ability to develop or sell your own property. Dependent on the setback from your property line a turbine could effectively trespass zone onto your property. Can wind developers provide a scientific, independent, peer-reviewed study that verifies the safety of the setback distance their industry deems as the standard? Industrial wind turbines are loud. You will hear them over a mile away, some people living in close proximity to these monsters describe the sound like a jet engine.

Property values within the proximity of a wind turbine project will be reduced significantly. A 300-foot wind machine can throw debris over 1700 feet, this includes ice throws. My understanding is that the wind turbines planned for this area are more like 600 feet. Studies have found that industrial wind turbines can devastate bat populations, one of few creatures we have to control insect populations such as mosquitos, which could increase certain diseases.

Industrial wind turbines create infra sound. Infra sound is inaudible and below what we can hear. Even though you cannot hear them, there have been reports of people who have had everything from sleep disturbances and headaches, to loss of balance. Scientific studies show it has numerous negative consequences on human health. Those of you who enjoy water activities on Lake Erie need to investigate what they have planned for your water playground. Please join us to help keep theses wind machines out of our peaceful community.

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