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Hoping his accidental Internet fame will not impair his fictional cousin

By JIM BUSEK • Oct 31, 2017 at 10:00 AM

A few years ago I wrote a column lamenting my lack of presence on the World Wide Web.

I discovered this the same way perhaps you have: while connected to the Internet, you type your name into Google and see what comes up.

Over the years, I was pretty disappointed.

Each time I searched, I would Google variations of "Busek," "Jim Busek" and "James Busek," hoping to be able to tell you my name was all over the Internet.

It wasn’t.

Yes, you could always find me at the Reflector website, thank you. And there are a bunch of Buseks with websites emanating from the Czech Republic, but that's not surprising; that's the Busek Motherland.

But as for me, personally, the Internet had apparently not heard of me at all. And I even quit checking.

Until the other day, that is. That’s when I once again Googled my own name.

Are you ready for this? 92,000 results. That’s more like it, huh?

Naturally, I had to check out some of them. That’s where it gets kind of weird.

There are, of course, lots of columns that have been printed in this newspaper. I guess that’s to be expected after cranking out a couple thousand of them over the past 40 years.

But what has really gotten Google to pay attention to me are all the travel videos I have posted on YouTube in the past three years. Perhaps you know that YouTube is owned by Google. In other words, they have a selfish interest in promoting YouTube videos. So they give me a prominent listing for each one.

That accounts for the first few dozen of my alleged 92,000 Google results. After that, there are hundreds of listings which accidentally have both the word “Jim” and the word “Busek” in the same story. For example, “Jim Smith, an employee at the Busek space propulsion laboratory, received his 25 year pin.”

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has a good friend and bodybuilding guru whose name is Albert Busek. So every time Albert is in a news story with anybody named Jim, it shows up on Google as a “Jim Busek” result. (Aside: Arnold Schwarzenegger has never consulted with me on any body building issues.)

There are lots of those Google-blended-two-unrelated-names and combined them to make “Jim Busek” results.

I think my favorite is still the one from Barbara Delinsky's fictional book, "Variation On A Theme." As you read the following passage, you will see that “Jim” and “Busek” are part of two separate fictional names.

Although he'd already heard a great deal about Rachel Busek, nothing prepared Jim Guthrie for the beautiful flutist's gentle grace. A rough-hewn private investigator, Jim is nearly overwhelmed with the urge to love and protect her. And Rachel is both amazed and delighted at the ease with which Jim slips into her life.

Yet as quick passion gives way to leisurely love, Rachel finds herself holding back. Troubling pieces of her past remain a mystery even to her, and keep her from trusting her heart. Now, she must either discover the truth about her past or risk losing the first man in her life worth keeping.

Is that cool or what? A fictional heroine named Busek. And she is into flutes and quick passion. Yes!

Best of all, I am pretty sure this is the only character in the history of English fiction with the surname Busek.

And the author apparently gave her a substantial plot challenge: she must "discover the truth about her past."

Poor Rachel. She will undoubtedly try to use the Internet to unravel her troubling past.

And if she thinks she is troubled now, wait until she discovers how her Google search gets bogged down by all the newspaper columns created by her non-fictional cousin.


Jim Busek is a free-lance writer who lives in Norwalk. He can be reached via e-mail at [email protected] hotmail.com.

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