Businesswomen unite to help those battling cancer

Zoe Greszler • Jan 17, 2017 at 3:00 PM

A group of local business women from all walks of life have joined forces to make a difference in the lives of other women who could use the extra dose of encouragement. 

“A group of 80 to 90 women are participating in a (community) service to help women with cancer,” said Norwalk’s Elizabeth Muirhead, one of the business women involved in the project the group has called the Chemo Comfort Care project.

The group is working together to create packages of a fine extra emollient night cream and special lip balm for chemo patients who are experiencing the dangerous, uncomfortable and often embarrassing severely dry skin that occurs as a side effect of the cancer treatment. 

“For $25 someone can purchase one of these sets and then the set will be gifted in their name or company to a patient at the Mercy Lorain Cancer Center,” Muirhead said. Our goal is to give at least 100 of these. We want to give them in mid-February so we have to have them all ready because we have wrap them and make them all pretty because they actually are just like giving that gift to a person — it’s really coming from them, were just putting them together and delivering them.”

The group started in Novemeber and is about a quarter of the way to their goal. They plan to deliver the gifts Feb. 18.

Muirhead said the project offers a purchase someone could feel good about, knowing they were making a difference, and knowing that 100 percent of the funds went to the products for the cancer patients.

“We’re just sort of the middle man, it’s actually coming from them,” she said. “The cost is product for product. ... We don’t keep any of it.”

“It’s to help those going through chemo because they have such dry skin and (that) wreaks just such havoc on the body,” Muirhead added. “And the night cream you can put all over your body and it will help the skin on your whole body, not just your face, so it’s going to help everywhere.

“It’s just nice to do it for a local hospital and the Mercy hospital is a wonderful cancer center and they do a lot, so it’s nice to give back. And I can’t think a person anymore on this planet that doesn’t have somebody in their family, a close friend, themselves, that have gone through cancer, have gone through chemo, that know what it does to the body. Everybody’s experienced it one way or another, be it through a friend's eyes or their family’s eyes or their own. So it touches everybody deeply.”

Muirhead said the group hopes to provide some encouragement for the patients as well.

“We just want to let them know there are people out there that are thinking about them and that care, people that they don’t even personally know ... to let them know that you as an individual are important to (us) because of your battle,” she said.

Anyone wanting more information or to gift a Chemo Comfort Care set can call 567-215-6712.

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