Two more empty buildings in Norwalk

Zoe Greszler • Aug 9, 2019 at 9:00 PM

There soon will be two more empty buildings in Norwalk.

The building housing Pat Catan’s, which is wrapping up its closing sale after the company was recently bought out, is undergoing a foreclosure, being listed on the Huron County Sheriff’s sales. The building will be a part of the Aug. 19 sale. It is the only entry on the sale list that isn’t listed as having an additional second sale date in the case of no bids being placed on the 19th.

The facility, located at 84 Whittlesey Ave., is listed as having an appraisal value of $2,000,000. Bids will start $1,333,334.

Norwalk Mayor rob Duncan said the foreclosure isn’t something Pat Catan’s is orchestrating.

“I’m sure it’s because of the transition (Pat Catan’s leaving the facility), but I feel confident that something will go in there after the (sheriff’s sale) is complete,” Duncan said.

“Pat Catan’s was simply renting there. It’s not even Pat Catan’s property — it’s actually more like the Giant Eagle property; and even then, they lease it from the company that owns the property. ... Unfortunately, what Giant Eagle agreed to pay monthly made it out of range for people in our area to put a business in there.”

The mayor said he hopes the sheriff’s sale will be a positive move, allowing a long-term resident to make good, “productive” use of the property and to bring more value to the city. 

“It’s a wonderful location,” he said. “Now that it’s at the sheriff’s sale — especially if someone local gets it, which is our hope — I could see (new owners) doing particularly well at that location.”

Duncan said he could see “a number of various types of business” doing well there, whether its a restaurant or a retail business. He said the property offers “a lot of space” to play with just about any vision. 

Pinnacle moving 

Another property that already is empty is Pinnacle Powder Coating’s former location at 61 St. Mary’s St. The business is now now housed at 405 Industrial Pkwy, where owner Chris Price has other businesses housed. 

Price could not be reached for comment. 

Duncan said Price purchased the Industrial Parkway property, which was formally home to Janesville Manufacturing. 

“My understanding that with that space they were going to be able to consolidate some of their existing businesses,” he said. “They’ve diversified quite a bit. ... (and) have several businesses in there already.”

Duncan wasn’t aware of what all businesses would now be housed at the Industrial Parkway facility or how many businesses Price helped to oversee.

“Chris is very innovative and forward thinking. He’s a great businessman,” he said.

The mayor wasn’t sure what the intentions are for the St. Mary’s Street building, but had a positive outlook.

“Obviously we want to see every building utilized,” he said. 

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