Norwalk mom opens business focused on busy women, mothers

Zoe Greszler • Jun 26, 2018 at 6:00 PM

Ann Hinckley-Jors always loved organization and doing things to make life run smoother.

“I remember being 17 or 18 and looking at different career paths and one that I looked into that I really wanted to do was becoming an organizer,” the 2000 Norwalk High School graduate said. “But at the time, I didn’t think I had the background or experience to do it, and I chose at the time not to do that.”

Little did she know she would later get to fulfill that dream. 

Hinckley-Jors just kick-started her own business in the field, Lakeview Professional Organizing, which offers organizing solutions geared toward working women and mothers. Lakeview offers in-home organizing, office productivity solutions and downsizing services to assist in these situations. She said until now, there hasn’t been such a service available to busy people in the local area.

“My goal is for women to take care of their families the way they want to and pursue the things they are passionate about, while still having time to take in the view — this happens through organization and productivity,” Hinckley-Jors said.

After she became ill with a chronic disease, Hinckley-Jors said it made her reassess her situation, goals and reasons for holding back. She said after a trip with her husband she told him her plans to start the business when they returned home, telling him “it isn’t that anything is wrong, but I just want something more or different.”

“I just decided it was time,” she added.

Having four children ages 17, 15, 13 and 3, Hinckley-Jors said she has plenty of experience with keeping organized.

“It’s about balancing,” she said. “That’s six schedules, with all of their activities and individual needs, plus the household in general. Keeping organized, that’s what helped us through it all when I was extremely ill. ... It’s always served me well to be organized. It helped me and my family, that’s why I want to turn around and tell clients about it.”

Women need help organizing their homes and their work. She said it’s the disorganization in these two environments that causes women to waste time and feel guilty, embarrassed or stressed.

“This is time that they could otherwise be spending with their families or on themselves,” she said, adding this can effect personal and career success.

“Organization successes can lead to landing a new position or rising within the company where the individual works and a feeling of peace as the overwhelming and negative emotions subside. Often, women are tasked with the downsizing of their parents’ home or choose to downsize after a major life event, such as illness or divorce. They find it difficult to do so alone while upholding all of their responsibilities.”

Monthly workshops are also offered at local wineries, on a variety of organizational topics, and she hopes to add periodic lecture times at the local libraries as well.

In this more relaxed setting, women who consider themselves “forever disorganized” are able to learn organization skills one project at a time. Disorganization is overwhelming and causes emotional, physical and financial strain. Hinckley-Jors said that with the results from working with Lakeview Professional Organizing, women are able to fulfill their roles more efficiently and in turn be less stressed. Being organized also prevents waste, which saves money.

Hinckley-Jors is a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO), Huron County Chamber of Commerce and is a Sunday Basket Certified Organizer with Organize 365.

When asked why an organizing service and why now, she said “it’s time for women to stop just surviving motherhood and start enjoying it...really enjoying it.”

“I mean that for all mothers. Even women who have grown children spend mental energy caring for their families,” she added.

Those interested Lakeview’s services can look up Hinckley-Jors’ blog, My Lake View, which launches July 5, by visiting www.lakevieworganizing.com or by calling her at 419-677-0657.

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