No Chipotle for Norwalk, but 2 other businesses open here

Zoe Greszler • Updated Aug 30, 2017 at 9:19 AM

Continued rumors of a Chiptole coming to Norwalk are, for now, still unfounded. 

Some have said the building work being done in front of the old K-mart, now Water Source Distribution, could have been a new Chipotle. However, like the sign in front of it foretells, the building will be another car wash.

“There have been a lot of rumors about Chipotle coming to Norwalk,” but no evidence to support them, Mayor Rob Duncan said. “That’s actually going to be a car wash.” 

The mayor said in a previous interview that the new business, Buckeye Carwash, will appeal to a different set of people or be designed for a different type of vehicle. 

Duncan said there is a Buckeye “just like it in either Ashland or Mansfield.”

Duncan did say, however, that he was excited to welcome sister companies Leaders Industrial Services and American Armor Coating, as well as the continued growth of other existing businesses. 

“We’re excited about our existing businesses and doing all we can to help them expand,” he said. “We always welcome new businesses, of course, but we also want to make sure we’re taking care of what we already have as well.”

The city’s finances are “going fairly well, according to the auditor’s office,” the mayor said. “Numbers are up, which is good. It means people are spending their money here. Which, that should mean our businesses are doing well.”

In other business happenings... 


Sister companies ribbon cutting 

Sister companies Leaders Industrial Services and American Armor Coating officially opened their doors to being in the public eye Monday with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at their side-by-side location at 41. St. Mary’s St.

Business operator Scott Jaworski said his industrial coating company offers floor and wall coatings.

“We’re not just limited to only decorative floor finishes, but we do epoxies and polyaspartics,” he said, adding the latter are three to four times more durable than epoxies alone. “We can add decorative finishes or we can do metallics. We can do a little of everything.”

Jaworski said the company targets home and garage owners as well as commercial industries for coatings in kitchens, restaurants, lavatories, showrooms, auto dealers, man caves and “even fire stations.”

“We felt there was a void in local companies that could do that,” he said. “There are some bigger commercial companies out of Cleveland and the Toledo area. But we’re local and looking to grow our business for the area people.”

The business officially opened in 2015. However, the company only recently decided to advertise its services and name.

Its sister company, American Armor Coating, provides a similar amenity in the field outside of custom floor and wall coatings. Though new to Norwalk, the two companies have more than 20 years of combined service experience in custom poly and epoxy coating.

After going through training in Florida, Gary Rash started his business two months ago.

Rash said he also started the business because there wasn’t anything like it in the area.

“I’ve had a truck all my life. Anytime in this area that you wanted your truck coated, you either had to go to Medina, Cleveland or Fremont. There’s nobody that does it. We’re full of dealerships, full of four-wheel drive trucks all over the place. (Many students) at EHOVE drive a truck. What a better business to start?”

The business “is not limited” in its services and Rash said the compant “can coat anything with a painted service.” He said it’s also a benefit to the community that American Armor Coating is unfranchised.

“We do a spray on bed lining for trucks. Anything with a painted surface can be coated.” he said. “Whatever the customer asks me to do, we can do that — soft, harder, slide, no slide.”

Anyone interested in the companies’ services can call American Armor Coating at 419-370-8055 and Leaders at 419-577-3196.


Firelands Electric GM retires

NEW LONDON — Firelands Electric Cooperative general manager April Bordas announced she will retire Feb. 2.

Bordas worked her way during the the past 32 years. She joined Firelands Electric in 1985 as a billing file clerk and was promoted to billing supervisor in 1987. Bordas was appointed as the director of consumer services in 2001, overseeing both billing and metering departments, before being hired as general manager in 2010.

In 2008, she earned her bachelor of science in business administration from Ashland University.

Over the past seven years, Bordas has guided Firelands Electric in achieving several milestones, including building the new Willard-Chase substation; decreasing the co-op’s line loss, which is electricity lost during transmission; and implementing a new, innovative metering system. Bordas has also taken the local co-op message to congressional representatives during her annual visits to Washington, D.C.

Bordas lives in the Greenwich area with her husband, John, who already is retired. They plan to spend more of their time, especially during the winter months, at their retirement home in Florida. The Bordases have three grown daughters, nine grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. They enjoy spending time with their family, traveling, and being active in their church.

April is the assistant treasurer of the New London Christian and Mission Alliance Church in New London. In her spare time, she also enjoys reading and shopping for bargains. In talking about her future plans, Bordas believes C.S. Lewis said it best: “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”


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