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Power outage closes doors of local super center

by KARLEE STEFFANNI • Updated Aug 4, 2017 at 11:47 PM

Several local businesses were affected by power outage that took place Friday morning. Among them was Schild’s IGA Supercenter on Milan Avenue. 

Store owner, Marian Schild, said the store was able to maintain functioning without power, but at a very minimal level. 

In terms of inventory, Schild said the power outage will not have a substantial impact on the business.

“Our freezers are at such a low temperature; they’re at zero.” She added “A couple hours isn't going to change anything.”

The super center did, however, close its doors to the public for the duration of the outage. Schild said one of the first things she does in these situations is to try to get a target time for when the issue will be resolved.

“We assess the situation and we send a lot of people home,” she said. “We call (Ohio Edison) to find out what time we expect the power back on.”

On Friday, Schild said Ohio Edison expected power to be restored around 10:30 a.m., about 3 hours after the store was set to open for business. Upon learning this information, Schild stationed a few employees in the parking lot to perform what she referred to as “courtesy stops.”

The purpose of these stops, Schild said, was “to let people know, ‘hey, we’re not expecting power until 10:30 a.m. Please come back then.’”

Schild said she tries to maintain a positive attitude in the wake of these kinds of situations. 

“When the power comes back on, we’re gonna be really busy getting our equipment back up and we’ll put the hustle on and take care of people,” she said. 

She did identify some potential loss the store might incur as a result of the outage, stating “if you need gas or something you’re probably going to keep going until you find another station.”

Overall, she said they were handling the situation the best way they could. 

“I’ve got a lot of great people,” Schild said. 

She added, “They’re very understanding and I hope the public is as well.”

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