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Dunkin' Donuts coming to Norwalk

By IVY KELLER • Updated Sep 24, 2016 at 12:50 AM

The time has finally come, Norwalk!

After months of rumors, promises and no crullers to show for it — the city is finally getting a Dunkin’ Donuts.

A little sign on a Milan Avenue lot across from Burger King states “Coming Soon!” with the Dunkin’ Donuts logo below. Fans of jelly-filled, frosted, bear claws and plain glazed donuts will certainly be pleased.

“The whole Dunkin’ Donuts thing had been kicked around for awhile,” said zoning officer Mitch Loughton. “At least the last year or two.”

Although rumors of a new donut shop were a hot topic around town, Loughton said he just received official word within the last month or so. 

The zoning office just received plans sometime in the past few months, and the proprietors only made their payment within the last week.

“They haven’t told us when they’re planning on breaking ground,” Loughton said. 

As far as official specs on the building, Loughton explained the restaurant will only be a store. There will be no gas station attached, but there will be a drive through.

Because it’s so recent, he hasn’t received any comments yet. He doesn’t expect the silence to last long, however.

Like Loughton, Mayor Rob Duncan has had Dunkin’ Donuts in his sights for awhile now.

“I’ve heard comments for the last couple of years,” Duncan said. “It’s a project we knew was coming.

“We’re just excited that it’s finally moving forward.”

Duncan, who admitted his favorite donut is a Boston creme, said he thinks the new restaurant will be a “great addition to Norwalk.”

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