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NR Sports Podcast 6: Voice of Norwalk athletics joins crew for tournament talk

• Mar 1, 2017 at 4:12 PM

On Episode No. 6 of the Norwalk Reflector Sports Podcast, host Luke Swartz, Sports Editor Jake Furr, and sportswriters Logan Greszler and Cary Ashby are joined by Eric Mozina, the voice of Norwalk athletics.

The crew discusses girls’ tournament results, boys’ tournament outlooks and wrestling. This episode aired on the 'Norwalk Reflector' Facebook page. You can like the 'Reflector' on Facebook to be alerted when the Podcast is live, or you can just watch anytime by finding it on the 'Reflector' Facebook page.

Like last week, this episode is broken into multiple chunk due to errors in recording software.

Still wondering what exactly a podcast is? It’s a recorded talk show centering around topics and stories. The podcast is then put onto SoundCloud where you can listen and download. You can also make an account and follow the Norwalk Reflector Sports Podcast page to be alerted each time a new episode is uploaded.

Thanks for your support. We hope you like the show.

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