Norwalk Reflector: Lefty Grove Week 9 results

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Lefty Grove Week 9 results

By Norwalk Reflector staff • Jul 23, 2018 at 1:03 PM

NORWALK — The Lefty Grove Baseball season is winding down at the VFW Fields, as tournament action continues to take place in all four divisions. Here are the results from the league from July 14-19, which included the Senior division championship game, won by Monroeville Black:


July 14

W. Reserve 13, American Legion 12

WR: Garrett Baker, single, two doubles; Kellen Balog, three singles; Keegan Case, double; Micaiah Drennen, two singles; Landen Oates, three singles, triple; Dawson Parrott, three singles, double.

AL: Cameron Evans, five singles; Landon Johnson, five singles; Libby Lark, four singles; Andrew Mitchell, two singles; Nolan Naseman, four singles; Beau Riley, two singles; Caiden Schmidt, four singles, two doubles; Eli Schmidt, five singles.


July 17

Elks Lodge 730 12, Stark’s Sanitary Service 7

Elks: Russell Brooker, single; Noah Burger, three singles, two doubles; Grant Coriell, three singles, double; Abel Couch, two singles; River Couch, three singles, double; Owen Emmons, four singles; Kyrie Gipson, single; Wessen Metro, single; Blake Muskovich, four singles; Blake Van Dresser, three singles; John Welter, double, triple.

SSS: Josef Alt, two singles; Aaron Christophel, single; Owen Fries, single; Bentley Illuzzi, two singles; Eli Keefer, two singles; Greg Keefer, two singles, double; Drake Riedy, two singles; Zanna Souslin, single; Levi Wolf, two singles.

Western Reserve 21, Knights of Columbus 1

WR: Garrett Baker, two singles, triple; Kellen Balog, two singles; Bryce Buderer, three singles; Keegan Case, single, double; Cohen Dawson, four singles; Micaiah Drennen, four singles; Conner Duensing, single, double; Landon Oates, two singles, double; Dawson Parrott, two singles; Gavin Trail, two singles.

Knights: Joseph Goebel, two singles; Mackenzee Greene, single; Aiden Kahn, single; Nathan Moncrief, single; Cohen Shoop, three singles.

July 18

I.O.O.F. 13, Monroeville Gold 8

I.O.O.F.: Henry Daiga, two singles;  Luke Fulton, two singles; Deric Hancock, three singles; Brayden Hockenberry, single; Austin Mankin, two singles; Bentley Pounds, two singles; Avery Reitzel, three singles; Khloe Rogers, four singles; Carsyn Saunders, single, double; Zander Shober, three singles; Carter Swick, four singles.

Gold: Cayden Dixon, single; Jared Fries, two singles; Owen Fries, double; Kiptyn Kamann, three singles; Jackson Platte, single; Ethan Smiley, three singles, two doubles; Layne Sommer, three singles; Isaac Wadsworth, two singles.

Monroeville Black 15, Elks Lodge 730 1

Black: Teddy Ballard, three singles; Hudson Bauer, single double; Easton Clark, two singles; Grant Crawford, two singles; Alex Dowell, single, two doubles; Jacob Fries, three singles; Aiden Myers, two singles; Carter Roeder, three singles; Reid Wasserman, two singles, double; Andrew Welfle, double, triple.

Elks Lodge: Noah Burger, single; Abel Couch, single, double; River Couch, single; Owen Emmons, single; Blake Muskovich, single.

American Legion 12, Lions Club 0

American Legion: Cade Evans, single; Cameron, three singles; Landon Johnson, single, double; Ethan Jones, single; Nolan Jones, three doubles; Libby Lark, two singles; Andrew Mitchell, double; Nolan Naseman, single; Caisen Schmidt, single, two triples; Eli Schmidt, two singles; 

Lions: Alakai Mack; single; Amaree Mack, single; Hunter Springer, single.

July 19

Eagles Club 19, Western Reserve 13

Eagles: Mason Beatty, three singles, double; Hudson Davis, three singles, double; Casey Fries, two singles; Jacoby Kraft, two singles; Kevin Mills, four singles; Connor Polacheck, two singles, double; Leona Priest, four singles; Cohen Reer, three singles; Ty Reynolds, four singles.

WR: Garrett Baker, two singles; Kellen Balog, single; Bryce Buderer, two singles; Keegan Case, single; Cohen Dawson, single, triple; Micaiah Drennen, single; Conner Duensing, single, double; Landen Oates, two singles, double; Dawson Parrott, single; Gavin Trail, single. 


July 16

Don Tester Ford 16, Fraternal Order of Police 2

FOP: Bryan Gibson, single; Ricky Wallace, two singles.

DTF: Gabriel Dymond, two singles, two triples; Weston Gfell, single; Kellen McDonnell, single, double, triple; Tyler Ruhl, single, triple; Jacob Burger, single, two triples.

July 17

Monroeville Gold 3, Norwalk Teachers’ Association 2

Gold: Ethan Pomerich, double.

NTA: No highlights.

July 18

Monroeville Black 18, Norwalk Concrete 7

Black: Colt Clark, single, double; Hayden Long, single; Lincoln Schaffer-Paul, double; Bryson Whittmer, double.

Norwalk Concrete: Izaac Snyder, double.

July 19

Lake Erie Construction 3, Don Tester Ford 2

LEC: Nicholas Helton, single; Noah Helton, single, double, triple; Grady Naseman, single.

DTF: Gabriel Dymond, double; Gavin Lepley, single.


July 16

PNC Bank 4, Monroeville Black 1

PNC: Casper Caizzo, double; Everett Gfell, single; Jayden Hipp, home run; Ashton Stang, single; Isaac Kieffer, single.

Black: Cain Clark, single; Isaac Clingman, single; Grady Lasch, single.

July 17

Civista Banking 7, Battles Insurance 3

Civista: Isaac Thimke, single.

Battles: Chase Rospert, single, double; Adam Roth, two singles; Mason Russel, home run.


Prestige Pools 12, Civista Banking 2

Prestige: Grant Bethard, two doubles; Sean Bogner, double; Connor Dawson, single, home run; Diesel Pippert, two singles; Coloe Stieber, single.

Civista: Tristan Nickoli, double; Spencer Pippert, double; Luke Wireman, single


July 16

Monroeville Black 13, Kenilee Lanes 3

Black: Brayden Bodkin, single; Braden Chapman, single; Mason Hiser, two singles; Daniel Smith, triple; Ashton Homan, single; Duncan Stewart, single; Merrit Key, two singles; Trevor Schafer, single, double.

Kenilee: Logan Amato, single; Kelton Chapin, single; Griffin Peiples, single; James Ready, single; Samuel Tokarsky, double.

July 17

Schild’s IGA Marketplace 17, V.F.W. Post #2743 5

Schild’s: Cam Caizzo, two singles; Dominic Dymond, two singles; Lance Mainzer, single; Spencer Myers, single, double; Griffin Schwan, three singles; Brody Service, two doubles; Jude Sweet, two doubles, single; Blayke Wright, two singles.

VFW: Buddy Baker, single; Isaac School, three singles; Chaz Smith, three singles; Timothy Wallace, double.


July 18

Monroeville Black 11, Schild’s IGA Marketplace 2

Black: Braden Chapman, single; Jimmy Clingman, single; Cole Kamann, single; Daniel Smith, single, triple; Ashton Homan, single; Duncan Stewart, single; Merrit Key, single.

Schild’s: Cam Caizzo, double; Spencer Myers, single; Brody Service, double.

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