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Lefty Grove Baseball Results

By Reflector Sports Staff • Updated Jun 13, 2017 at 2:37 PM

Lefty Grove Divisional Standings

Bantam Division

Lions Club 4-0; Eagles Club 4-1; Knights of Columbus 4-1; Monroeville Black 4-1; American Legion Post 41 3-2; Monroeville Gold 2-2; Western Reserve Team 1 2-3; Western Reserve Team 2 2-3; IOOF 1-4; Key Bank 0-4; Elks Lodge 730 0-5.

Colt Division

Monroeville Gold 4-0; Monroeville Black 3-0; Norwalk Teachers’ Association 3-2; Don Tester Ford 2-1; Nobil’s Sports and Trophies 2-1-1; Chase Appraisal 2-2; Lake Eric Construction 1-3-1; Norwalk Concrete 0-4; Oglesby Construction 0-4.

Junior Division

PNC Bank 5-0; Monroeville Black 4-0; Battles Insurance 2-2; Civista Banking 2-2; Fraternal Order of Police 2-4; Stein, Olsen and Stang CPA’s 1-4; Miller’s Super Value 0-4.

Senior Division

Monroeville Black 4-0; Sirna and Sons (New London) 4-0; Stine Dental 3-2; Willard Team 1 2-1; JDB Home Improvement 1-2; Schild’s IGA Marketplace 1-2; Kenilee Lanes 1-4; VFW Post 2743 0-5.


Bantam Division

Lions Club 5, Western Reserve Team 1 4

Lions Club: Alex Christophel one single, Carleigh Davis one single, Kade Houck two singles, Aubrey Kluding one single, Alakai Mack two singles, one double, Brady Singer two singles, Gabe Snyder three singles, Izaac Snyder three singles, Hunter Springer one single.

Western Reserve Team 1: Cohen Dawson two single, Michaiah Drennen two singles, Dominic Edwards four singles, Kaden Kinney two singles, one double, Lucas Summerfield one single, Cailyn Tusing three singles, Landyn Wiegel two singles.

American Legion 10, IOOF 4

American Legion: Nolan Jones three singles, Cade Evans one single, Anthony Hall two singles, Landon Johnson one single, Andrew Mitchell three singles, Thomas Pertner two singles, Ian Preston three singles, Levi Rospert three singles, Caiden Schmidt two singles, Adam Slate two singles, Allison Talbot one single.

IOOF: Noah Burger one singles, Tyson Corbin two singles, one double, Dakota Goostree two singles, Raphael Gross three singles, Deric Hancock two singles, Zander Shover three singles, Treyton Shullick one single.

Colt Division

Monroeville Gold 8, Chase Appraisal 0

Monroeville Gold: Braden Barman one single, Evan Benfer one single, one double, Bryson Dunlap one triple, Anderson Evans one single, Landin Hershiser one double, Landon Roeder three doubles.

Chase Appraisal: Kaleb Ellis one single, Adam Roth one single, James Wallace one single, Ricky Wallace two singles.

Monroeville Black 6, Lake Erie Construction 4

Monroeville Black: Blake Ackerman one single, one double, Derek Ackerman one single, Colt Clark one double, Alec Schafer one single, Bryson Wittmer one single.

Lake Erie Construction: Jacob Collins one single, Nicholas Helton one single, Luke Metcalf two singles, Grady Naseman two singles, Jack Stieber two singles, Noah Sumpter one single.

Junior Division

Battles Insurance 6, Civista Bank 3

Battles Insurance: Caden Deleon one single, Nathan Kessler three singles, Derek Phillips two singles, Ryan Preston one single, Xavier Sweet one single.

Civista Bank: Peyton Gatzemeyer one single, Jordan Gede one single, one home run.


Bantam Division

Lions Club 13, IOOF 3

Lions Club: Alex Christophel two singles Carleigh Davis two singles, Traeh Harp two singles, Kade Houck two singles, Aubrey Kluding one single, Adyson Lepley two singles, Alakai Mack one single, Amaree Mack one single, one double, Brady Singer two singles, two doubles, Gabe Snyder three singles, Izaac Snyder four singles.

IOOF: Noah Burger two singles, Tyson Corbin two singles, one double, Raphael Gross two singles, Conrad Roth two singles, Zander Shover two singles, Treyton Shullick two singles.

American Legion 8, Western Reserve Team 1 8

American Legion: Cade Evans three singles, Cameron Evans two singles, Landon Johnson two singles, Andrew Mitchell one double, Thomas Pertner one single, Ian Preston two singles, one double, Levi Rospert four singles, Caiden Schmidt one single, Adam Slate one single, Allison Talbot one single.

Western Reserve Team 1: Cohen Dawson three singles, Dominic Edwards two singles, one double, Kaden Kinney one single, Austin Kolb four singles, Lucas Summerfield two singles, Cailyn Tusing three singles, Landyn Wiegel three singles.

Colt Division

Nobil’s Sports and Trophies 4, Chase Appraisal 0

Nobil’s Sports and Trophies: Bo Bogard one single, Jacob Gilbert one single, Carter Harp two singles, one double, Kellen McDonnell one single.

Chase Appraisal: Andy Strecker one single, James Wallace one single, one double.

Junior Division

Civista Banking 13, Miller’s Super Value 5

Civista Banking: Kaden Bennington one single, Jordan Gede one singles, one triple, one home run (Grand Slam), Anthony Meyer one double, Anexander Mullins one single, Jaycob Stanley one single, Austin Ware one single.

Miller’s Super Value: Jackson Gahring one double, Caleb Gilbert one single, Tanner Harp two singles, Isaac Kieffer one triple, Timothy Wallace one single, one double.

Senior Division

New London Senior 13, Stine Dental 1

New London Senior: Jamil Arnold one single, Carson Coey one double, Blake Dalton one single, Chase Keathley one single, Nick Lester one single, Wyatt Shockley two single, Trent Yates one single.

Stine Dental: Grant Houck one single.

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