Cedar Point's new restaurants serve up tasty dishes

Madeline Roche • May 10, 2019 at 10:28 AM

SANDUSKY — Each year, Cedar Point introduces something new, a way to keep pass-holders and other guests begging to return.

This year, the amusement park is opening two new restaurants: BackbeatQue and Hugo’s Italian Kitchen.

As someone who is a picky eater and admitted “food snob,” I can honestly say I was impressed with both restaurants and will be visiting them again throughout the season.

BackbeatQue proves to be unique, even from the entrance. The lights on the ceiling are displayed in a hanging drum set and there are posters and guitars on the wall. Needless to say, Motown and rock ‘n’ roll serve as the restaurant’s inspiration.

Upon entering, I was immediately impressed. The aroma instantly made my mouth water.

Glancing up from the line, you can see rotisserie chickens rotating above a fire and different types of meats and sides.

As the food was added to our trays, I got more and more excited. Everything looked and smelled so good.

Entrees include chopped barbecue pork, smoked sausage, rotisserie half chicken, corn-dusted fried perch and smoked brisket — my personal favorite. Fried shrimp is also an entree, which exceeded my expectations because the taste of the breading reminded me of funnel cakes.

There are a variety of sides, such as southern slaw, potato wedges, baked beans, corn-on-the-cob, fried okra, side salad and cornbread muffins. Another side is the house-made mac ‘n’ cheese, which was one of the best dishes I tasted and a favorite of several employees working at the restaurant.

The tastes didn’t stop there. Dessert options available include apple pie, smoked pecan pie, peaches and cream, fruit cups and banana pudding. These are all freshly made and are a great way to finish your experience at the BeatbackQue.

Throughout the season, live entertainment will be provided, which one employee described it as a “thank you to the guests” for choosing to dine at the Backbeat Que.

This outdoor music will feature Cedar Point’s Backbeat Quartet. Since dining at the restaurant is outside, all guests will be able to enjoy this entertainment.

If BBQ and fried items aren’t your thing, Cedar Point’s second new restaurant offers a contrast.

Hugo’s Italian Kitchen is an Italian-style café with indoor seating.

The menu’s main items are meatball subs, chicken Parmesan sandwiches, calzones, fresh pastas and fresh-stuffed Stromboli. There are also brick-oven pizza options. Sides include house-made pasta salad, garlic knots, Caprese salad, house salad, Greek or Caesar salads and white bean salad. Desserts include tiramisu and cannoli.

Although I wasn’t as hungry at Hugo’s as I was at BackbeatQue, I still couldn’t wait to enjoy my meal there.

While going through the line, guests can see the efforts the employees put into making the food, making sure everything is fresh. Employees said some of the ingredients take days to prepare, such as the meatballs in the meatball subs.

There are plenty of seats available and the spacious layout of the restaurant makes you feel comfortable, as you make space in your stomach to enjoy a filling meal.

Cedar Point has once again brought in upgrades and guests throughout the season will be able to enjoy these new restaurants as early as this Saturday — the 2019 season’s grand opening.

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