'They absolutely love it'

Zoe Greszler • Aug 27, 2018 at 2:00 AM

Senior Enrichment Services has put a fun twist on a favorite classic, creating a lively and fun time for all ages.

JukeBox Bingo gives each player a Bingo card filled with song titles instead of numbers. The songs are then played and the players are challenged to identify the song’s title and cover it, attempting to get several in row, scoring a Bingo.

Lisa Gleisner, SES activities director, said the game has been such a hit that they’ve had to ask folks to reserve their spots a head of time “because it fills up fast.” 

“The JukeBox Bingo we do, that gets a lot of people that come to that,” she said. “A lot of people really enjoy that. It’s a lot of fun — it really is. We had 50 people in here last time and the guy that does it said he’s never seen a crowd that will just sing along. They absolutely love it.”

Gleisner said the evening of fun, which costs $10 and includes a pizza dinner, attracts a wider age range, from older seniors to younger seniors, to even their children and grandchildren.

“They love it and have such a blast,” she said.

Groups try to guess a song or sing along. Gleisner said she hopes the fun helps to remove some of the stigma associated with the senior center.

“A friend of mine, her parents are in like their late 50s, both retired, but they will not take a class in this building because (they say) ‘it’s for old people,’” she said.

“A lot of people still have that mentality. We still get calls about assisted living, asking how many residents we have here. We don’t have residents. Pretty much, we’re like a rec center for the senior population. They can come here and eat, they can travel, we have classes and activities. Really anyone, 21 years and older can come out.”

The August JukeBox Bingo night switched things up — the first hour played the game is it usaully is with the music, but for the second half the players traded in their music-themed Bingo cards for old TV show-themed clips. For that portion of the night, clips were shown of some of older shows and movies, and some not so older that could appeal to a wide variety of ages, including clips even from the kids show “Ed, Edd and Eddy,” and “Two and a Half Men.” 

Anyone interested in joining the next round of JukeBox Bingo can call 419-668-6245 or visit SES, at 130 Shady Lane, Norwalk. The games take place once a month.

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