Norwalk Reflector: Kathie Widing is mayor's award winner

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Kathie Widing is mayor's award winner

By CAITLEN CAMERON • Updated Apr 20, 2018 at 3:32 PM

Every year, David Wolff, Firelands Area Art League president, asks the Norwalk mayor to pick their favorite piece to hang up in city hall for the public to see until the next art show.

This year’s winner is Kathie Widing for her piece “Freedom.” 

“I created this for those that have sacrificed and given us so much freedom, I have one brother that was in Vietnam with two medal of honors, and I had many family members in the second world war, I just have a heart for the military,” Widing said.

This is the seventh year mayor Duncan has picked a piece to award and display. ‘Mr. Wolff has always told me go in ,look at all the art and see what catches your eye, and after I made three or four rounds this piece really caught my eye’

“It was the military relation. My son will be deployed ater this month and obviously thats heavy on my heart right now, so its just patriotic and it really stood out,” Mayor Rob Duncan said.

“I feel so honored to be picked, I truthfully am,” Widing said to mayor Duncan.

The painting is acrylic with water and it is painted on a crescent illustration board. “The entire piece took about 30 to 40 whole hours to create”

Widing has been painting for 11 years, “I went to a Micheals store walked in and they had a one stroke painting class there and I learned how to paint a leaf and it branched off from there”

Besides being a member of the Firelands Art Leauge, Widing also owns a studio in Marblehead called “Artfully Done” where she teaches bring your own booze art classes.

“My classes are not like the usual franchises, I make sure you go home with a very nice piece of art some I teach them in three to four hours and I make sure I walk them through it step by step and never once have i had someone drink too much, it's really a good time” Widing said.

Widing’s painting is displayed at the entrance of the Norwalk City Hall and can be viewed during open hours. 

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