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Comedienne bringing one-woman show to Bellevue

By Judy Miller • Apr 3, 2018 at 2:00 AM

BELLEVUE — It’s a spring break. A break without airfare or baggage.

Spring forward into hilarity as Mary Faktor, actor/comedienne, brings her one-woman show, “The Six Ages of Woman,” to Bellevue.

Join the Bellevue Historical Society on Sunday, April 29, at 1:30pm for an afternoon of comedy fun!

This Bellevue Historical Society “FUN-draiser” will take place at 1:30 p.m. Sunday, April 29 at the Bellevue Society for the Arts, 205 Maple St. Tickets cost $25 and include gourmet snacks and sweets prepared by the Copper Top Bake Shop prior to the show. There also will be a cash bar and Copper Top’s Signature drink, the Twisted Tremont.

Tickets are available at Hunter’s Needs, Golden Acorn, Candy Depot, and Russell’s Flowers Garden Center and Gifts. They are also available by mail, with check payable to Bellevue Historical Society, P. O. Box 304, Bellevue, OH 44811, or online at: bellevuehistoricalsociety.com. Proceeds benefit the Tremont House Restoration Project. For more information, visit www.MaryFaktor.com, or www.bellevuehistoricalsociety.com or email [email protected]

In Faktor’s show, her character “Vicki” is always on the telephone with her best friend, Madge. The audience eavesdrops on six phone calls.

In the first, Vicki is a teenager excited about a boy who’s asked her out.

The second call shows she’s an excited newlywed. Meanwhile, Madge has joined an international travel agency, and from that point forward, Madge’s calls are from exotic parts of the world.

The third call reveals Vicki is pregnant with her first child. She plans to be the perfect mother who will never yell at her children, nor will they ever eat sugar. As the performance progresses, it parallels many real life situations with hilarious results.

Vicki continues her metamorphosis to stay-at-home mom of toddlers, menopausal career women, and ultimately a happy retiree. The show’s universal humor appeals to women and men of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds. Faktor’s unique, funny performance leaves audience members with plenty of belly laughs, as well as a new realization that despite our individual challenges, life is meant to be enjoyed.

As audience members leave a performance, comments are heard such as, “I laughed until my sides hurt.”

Faktor performs nationally and internationally.


Faktor performs before audiences ranging from 50 to 2,000 people in venues ranging from church basements to theaters, to convention center ballrooms, hotels and country clubs. Not only have private corporations sought her talent for employee banquets, but hospitals, women’s groups, churches, charities and schools have turned Faktor’s performances into a delightful way to raise many thousands of dollars.

Originally from Chicago, she is a two-time graduate of the Second City, from both the Windy City and Cleveland. She is listed on IMDb, and is a member of SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television & Radio Artists).

She is featured in several films, including “American Splendor” with Paul Giamatti, “The Winner Is” with Jerry Springer and “Lux in Tenebris” with Eric Roberts. She is the owner of Faktor’s Talent Network, a variety talent agency for clean-cut entertainers and speakers and is also a member of the Global Speakers Federation and National Speakers Association.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Judy Miller serves as secretary of the Bellevue Historical Society.

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