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South Central FFA members take on Greenhand camp

• Updated Oct 12, 2017 at 1:35 PM

South Central FFA

GREENWICH — On Sept. 24, the South Central FFA Greenhands headed to Camp Conger for an annual Greenhand camp. Along with South Central; Mapleton, Monroeville and Western Reserve also attended. Freshman and 1st year FFA members took two days out of their weekend to spend time learning about FFA. The FFA members got to meet two recent State Officers. They came and taught various sessions. While at camp they learn what official dress is, how to properly wear it, and when it is worn. They also got to learn a little more in depth what FFA really is and what it stands for. They also went through many team bonding sessions where they work as a group to accomplish a task. Not only did they get to work as a team, they also got to know other FFA members and create a bond. The South Central FFA would like to thank, Mr. Tom Lucha and Miles Burton for making the delicious food. They would also like to thank the various counselors for their help and time. It’s been another great year at Greenhand camp.

On the first day of school, the senior Ag communications class went outside and participated in a team building activity. In the activity, one person was in charge of giving instruction to the rest of the class on how to build a “bridge” using wooden logs and concrete blocks. The catch was that the only person allowed to talk was the person in charge. The rest of the class had to follow their instruction without talking or falling into the “river” in order to get the “supplies” to the other side. They started by placing a log onto a concrete block and walking down it to place another block on the opposite side of the log. Then continued to place logs onto blocks to make it across with the “supplies.” This activity allowed for the class to learn that not being able to combine ideas can be difficult and also allowed the class to learn to work as a team.

On Sept. 8 the South Central FFA Members kicked off their Forestry season by attending a Forestry Clinic. At this Clinic members go through sessions teaching and explaining how the contest works. The members learned how to timber cruise, which involves multiple steps. They also take you through the woods pointing out different types of trees and they discuss different types of reasons why you would cut trees. After all the sessions were done members had the opportunity to compete in a contest. During the contest they have four stations. Tree identification, timber cruising, a chainsaw test and a regular forestry test. This year we have four members participating in State Forestry, Desiree Chill, Sierra Chill, Ethan Parlett and Blake Risner.

— Kaycee Burton, reporter


Monroeville FFA

MONROEVILLE —On Thursday, Sept. 21, Monroeville FFA participated in the Huron County Soil Judging Contest. Monroeville had a rural and urban team that competed in the contest. The contest took place in Hartland Township and members spent the morning jumping into soil holes and examining soil samples to evaluate soil textures, drainage class, the landform of the area and if they were appropriate for Agricultural or Urban use. Members took a Soil Survey Book Test to test their knowledge on the types of soil in that specific area, along with how to read a soil survey map. Members also took General Knowledge Test to test how much they knew about soils. The rural team placed first overall, qualified for districts, with Amelia Ruggles placing first overall and Amelia Opper placing third overall. The other members that qualified for districts for the team are Hogan Scheid, Mason Kluding, and Garrison Hohler. The urban team placed second and qualified for Districts with Macy Schafer placing second overall and Theo Latteman placing third overall. The other members that qualified for districts for the team are Lexy Schafer, Millie Dalton, and Kennedy Brooks. On Sept. 28, in Morrow County Monroeville FFA competed in the District Soil Judging Contest. The Urban Team placed first overall, qualifying for state, with Theo Latteman placing second Overall and Macy Schafer placing fourth overall. The other members who also qualified for state for the team are, Lexy Schafer who placed sixth and Millie Dalton who placed 11th. The Rural team placed third overall, also qualifying for state, with Amelia Ruggles placing sixth. The other members who qualified for state are Hogan Schied, Amelia Opper, and Mason Kluding. The State Soil Competition will be held on Oct. 14 near Columbus.

Macy Schafer, reporter

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