Never too old to fall in love

Zoe Greszler • Aug 12, 2017 at 12:00 PM

It’s never too late to fall in love. 

That’s certainly true of one couple, Ralph Kies and Joanne Sanders, who will be married this afternoon at Pittsfield Church in Oberlin.

“He’s 89 and she’s in her late 60s,” said maid of honor Paula Hammons. “I think they’re good for one another. They’re for one another. And they’re just inseparable. Once those two get together, there’s no separating them.” 

Hammons said Kies, an Air Force veteran and retired truck driver, lost his wife in death some years back. Then, puppy love seemed to blossom when he met another woman at church.

“They just fell in love and I guess they wanted to get married,” Hammons said with a laugh, adding she told the couple to remember “couples who pray together, stay together.”

She said she knows the couple because the store she works at is right next door to Kies’ home.

“He comes over to visit,” Hammons said. “He’s pretty sharp; he’s sharp as a tact. Absolutely very kind, caring, helping. He’s very competent. He’s physically fit too. I’m surprised he can do a lot of things he does at 89.”

Hammons said she doesn’t know the bride-to-be, who lives in Clarksfield, quite as well as Kies, but described her as “a very nice lady.”

“She’s crazy about him,” she said. “And one thing is for sure, she is a worker. She could work me under the table.”

Hammons said Kies is just as starry-eyed about Sanders. 

“He says, ‘She is the sunshine when the sun goes down,’” she said. 

After their wedding, Kies plans to leave his Oberlin home so the couple can live in Sanders’ residence.

“You don’t think of people (falling in love) at 89,” Hammons said. “You don’t think about that at 89, that people think about those things, but they do.” 

A small reception for family and close friends will be held after the 2 p.m. wedding.

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